Need help with a garden project?

About the koyaproject

The koyaproject funds sustainable community gardens by connecting them with their supporters in an open, sharing and transparent environment. The koyaproject is a window into garden projects worldwide, showing their individual benefits. Some gardens help the hungry and poor, other gardens will feed the homeless and elderly.

Some community gardens are located in orphanages in 3rd world countries, other gardens will be in US cities, schools, churches and other communities.We like to connect you with the garden project of your choice and let you follow the story of your garden and see how your donation impacts the lives of many people.



Why koyaproject gardens?

  • Feed the hungry

    Community gardens in the US feed the homeless and poor. Schools or churches can build gardens on their lots and share their grown food with the community

  • Feed children in orphanages

    A garden in SE Asia can be built for less than $2000 US dollars and can feed up to 100 children for a year. Low cost, high impact, measurable & sustainable.

  • Connect communities

    Community gardens bring communities together by given them a reason to interact and communicate with each other.

  • Healthy lifestyle & education

    A garden has an important educational aspect. Educate the community on healthy organic living and lower the their health risk due to healthier lifestyles.